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What Customers Have to Know About Us

Launched by a group of accountants who wished to deliver exceptional services to clients across the USA without geographical limitations, Accounting Service has been a reliable, trusted vendor of bookkeeping help since 2008. Capturing the trend of massive outsourcing of non-core operations, we have established a company that makes bookkeeping more comfortable and more flexible than it used to be with complex forms, tedious reports, and frightening spreadsheets. No more need to depend on costly specialists in narrow niches; with our online firm, you get expert assistance with the books in any industry sector. Now you can affordably track income and expenses with a qualified, reliable remote assistant always on standby with skilled advice and answers to any questions. 

We have helped over 1,000 clients with flexible and affordable service plans by allowing them to streamline the automated accounting procedures, to set up and customize all financial management procedures, and to invest the precious time and effort into the business group instead of toiling over books. To date, we are one of the recognized US leaders in the delivery of accessible, scalable solutions in terms of bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, and invoicing. 

Due to our staff’s practical experience in offline accounting firms, we know precisely what an SME owner needs from a CPA, and we are ready to offer a one-stop solution for all financial procedures and controls. No matter whether you use cash-basis or accrual-basis accounting, whether you are a sole proprietor or have some employees, we have you covered. By hiring our experts, you always get qualified assistance and consultation on tax returns, income and expense categorization, business budgeting, payroll, management of accounts payable and receivable, etc. Tell us what you need, and we’ll produce a custom quote precisely for the services that you require. 

For more than a decade, Accounting Service has been functioning as a dependable partner for individuals and startups, helping with daily financial management, reporting, and filing of all kinds. We render assistance with both commercial automation and live accounting support by our CPAs available for consultation and review of your documentation 24/7. 

No need to hire an expensive specialist for full-time work in your office. If you are a small firm, you may not need that much time for financial routines. With Accounting Service, you’ll get all books managed in no time to succeed in business and never face problems or penalties of any kind. We take care of the economic health of your venture while you may relax and do what you love – develop the firm and make it grow.